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By Dave Winer on Sunday, June 26, 2011 at 9:31 PM.

I'm really getting annoyed with OnSwipe#

I met with the guys who do the product at TechStars earlier this year, as part of a 6-meeting morning. Very interesting stuff, even the stuff I didn't like, like OnSwipe. #

A picture named presidentLincoln.jpgNow it's starting to show up places. Like on my Mom's wordpress.com blog, when I read it on my iPad. So when she wants to know why something is working wrong, I'm out of luck if the only computer I have with me is my iPad. I've tried to tell Matt Mullenweg how I feel about this, he says they push 35 changes to their servers every day, so no one can like everything. Makes him sound like Abe Lincoln. But it's another example of the web breaking up. We had such a good thing going. And I thought Matt was a friend. Of the web, that is.  #

Anyway, I was looking at Brad Feld's blog on my iPad, and thought, man that looks nice, I want to show everyone. But when I tried to look at the link on my Mac, all I saw was a tab in the upper-left corner that said "Cover" with an arrow. On my iPad it would take you to a page with an array of Brad's stories. On my Mac it does nothing. Do a View Source, and there is something there. Let me know if you can figure out what it's doing. #

Anyway, I'd love to know what they want to do to the web so we can know whether these are just temporary problems or if we have hate them long-term.  #

Update: Hacker News thread on this topic. #

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