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DaveCast #6
By Dave Winer on Tuesday, June 28, 2011 at 10:58 AM.

Second podcast in 9 hours. Permalink. #

Who thought I would have so much to say! :-) #

A picture named champagneSmall.jpgNumber 6 is about Joe Hewitt, Guy Kawasaki, win-wins, and real evangelism. #

It's possible for a developer to love the platform vendor and vice versa. But you need a front-man like Guy Kawasaki and a behind-scenes guy like Mike Boich. Apple had both in 1984, and together they invented technology evangelism. #

Since then evangelism has come to mean bullying or pontificating or being a goon squad for your cause. Ugh. #

Developers want romance. A hug and a kiss and a squeeze. :-) #

Special bonus: I sing a refrain from Alice's Restaurant.  #

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