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Connecting Blork and the World Outline
By Dave Winer on Wednesday, July 13, 2011 at 4:28 PM.

A picture named try.jpgI popped one off the bug list this morning. Since March 30, Blork had not been archiving my feeds as it's supposed to. How did I know? Well, that's where the archive stops.  #

So I went back to look at my change notes from March 30. Nothing obviously the cause of this behavior. #

Started to investigate in the source, and found a bit of commented code. The comment explaining the commenting-out didn't match what the code did. Big clue. The date on the change? March 30! Heh.  #

That was too easy. So I had a bit of "extra" time. I had already swapped in all the reality surrounding archives, and figured -- I've always wanted my linkblog to appear in the World Outline. So I did the hookup.  #

Had it generate OPML for the RSS archive.  #

And then included it in my World Outline under My Sites.  #

Of course I gave it a nice blorkmark. Released the feature. Announced it on the respective mail lists. #

This new system is starting to shape up. I think I should be looking for some new users.  #

The first people I'd like to work with are outliner people. So if you used one of my outliners, ThinkTank, Ready, MORE or the OPML Editor, and are interested in trying your hand at building a world outline of your own, send me an email. The address is in the blogroll outline, in the right margin at scripting.com.  #

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