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Uncle! I joined Google-Plus
By Dave Winer on Thursday, July 14, 2011 at 2:40 PM.

Not entirely happy about this, but I re-joined Google Plus today. #

Here's my thinking. #

A picture named fatladysinging.gif1. Do you, Dave, think you will ever join Google-Plus? If so, why not join sooner than later. You'll get more followers this way. And in the future you'll be able to talk about the good old days on Google-Plus and how all the noob's suck. #

2. How many times in the future will you feel like resigning in protest because of some nasty shit Google did? Many times.  #

3. So why not get it over with and resign now, before you even start? Seems that would save a lot of trouble. #

4. Will you want to push links to Google-Plus the same way you do through Twitter now? Probably.  #

5. Do you think they'll have an API? Yes. They say they will. #

6. Do you expect to be able to work with it? Probably. I was able to support OAuth on Twitter, after much pain and suffering.  #

7. Do you think Google could come up with something more convoluted and hard to implement? Of course! They're Google. They can be more anything than anyone. Esp when it comes to freezing out developers they don't like. #

8. Isn't it a bit paranoid to think they might dislike you over there at Google? Well, no. As a matter of fact. They are infinitely capable of silly shit like that, in my experience. And they hired Chris Messina. :-) #

9. WTF. #

You can follow me if you want.  #

Ain't makin no promises. :-) #

A picture named curly.gif #

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