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Suggestions for Google-Plus
By Dave Winer on Sunday, July 17, 2011 at 9:36 AM.

I was going to post a question over on my Google-Plus account, and thought since very few people would see it since my circles are so sparse, it probably is a good idea to post it here, too. #

A picture named phone.jpgA suggestion for Google in case anyone is listening. Add a feature that defines a circle as everyone who has me in a circle. This makes reciprocal following a snap (automatic). Judging by behavior in TwitterLand this is going to be something a lot of people want and expect. You can send the check to my Adsense account. :-) #

The question I was going to ask: Is there a bookmarklet for Google-Plus? Everyone else has one. There are a billion for Twitter, Facebook has one. It's the secret killer feature of Hacker News. It will make it easier for people to post links, and will help fill things out. I did look for it, and came up empty.  #

Next one. I just posted a bunch of stuff. But the Posts section of my profile is empty? Why? #

Finally, things won't get started for me until you have an API. I am not remotely in the ballpark of switching off all my other network use in favor of Google-Plus. Too many people following me elsewhere. And I have a great system for writing stuff and I'm not giving that up either. So if you want my posts (no charge, really -- free for you Google) there has to be an API. Hopefully not too hard to support. :-) #

Also, why not convert colon-dash-right-paren into a smiley? :-) #

A picture named curly.gif #

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