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The 1997 Mac web is going
By Dave Winer on Wednesday, July 20, 2011 at 11:01 AM.

A note on Google-Plus today from Chuck Shotton that MacHTTP won't be making the transition to Apple's new OS, Lion -- released today. #

Also, Eudora will go away too. #

These were two of the mainstays of the Mac web world of 1997.  #

A picture named chickenRoosting.gifI was at the Apple press conference when Steve Jobs announced they were bundling Apache and all kinds of other open source Internet stuff. They thought it would make me happy, that's why they invited me. I get that. But it did not make me happy. That was the real end of the line for the suite of developer-created software that made the Mac the best server platform and best content development platform for the web. Apple didn't understand that, or didn't care. I, unfortunately, did. I learned once again that the only platform that works is the one with no platform vendor. #

Anyway, I wonder what other mainstays will breathe their last with the advent of Lion? #

BBEdit is very much still around. #

Anarchie? We had an email server, I don't remember it's name.. #

I can say this much, Frontier will continue to run. We have an Intel-native version. It's still got a few bugs. But I use it every day. It's my main text editor and programming environment. It's just a different distribution called the OPML Editor.  #

The Universal version is in the Extras folder in the Mac download#

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