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Intel version of the OPML Editor?
By Dave Winer on Sunday, July 24, 2011 at 2:38 PM.

Bill Rice asks on Twitter -- is there an Intel version of the OPML Editor. (That's not exactly what he asked for, but it's the gist of it.) #

Yes, there is. If you download it from home.opml.org you'll find there's a folder named "Universal App" in the Mac download. That's the one you want. #

I use it every day, all the time. Works fine.  #

A couple of other things while I have your attention. #

I am working on a new site called Hello Frontier, that re-introduces the OPML Editor for Frontier users. I have recently discovered that a lot of Frontier alumni out there have either never heard about the OPML Editor, or don't know it's a much-improved version of Frontier. Full distro, with a lot of improvements and new tools.  #

Also I never do support on Twitter. This is an open source project, so you have to exhaust all channels first before you ask me to help you find something, seriously. And Twitter, with its 140 character limitation is a ridiculous environment to do support. Bug reports in 140 characters make no sense, wastes both our time.  #

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