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Why doesn't David Gregory tell the truth?
By Dave Winer on Friday, July 29, 2011 at 4:04 PM.

I watched a bit of David Gregory on MSNBC. He's talking about how angry people are and how this might create a third-party candidate for president. Fine, but how about a third-party version of David Gregory? #

See, the story isn't anything like what Gregory, who is supposed to be a reporter, says it is.  #

This is the story. #

1. Raising the debt ceiling is a routine thing. #

2. It's never been a political issue. #

3. The Republicans decided to withhold their approval. #

4. Which is a form of blackmail. #

5. The victims of the blackmail are everyone but the Republican politicians, including most of the people who vote Republican. #

Until Gregory reports that as the basic story, he's overdue for toppling.  #

One of these days people are going to figure it out.  #

BTW, thanks to Howard Weaver for digging up this clip from Season 6 of the West Wing, where they, in a just a minute, explain what the debt ceiling is about. #


If a bunch of actors can figure it out, why can't a professional correspondent for NBC? (Answer, of course he can, and has.) #

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