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Why the war in Afghanistan?
By Dave Winer on Thursday, August 11, 2011 at 3:54 PM.

We're trying to trim the budget, so we have to ask the question -- why are we at war in Afghanistan? #

When we started the two wars in the last decade, the government played a little trick to get us not to think about it. They cut taxes, which is usually unthinkable in time of war. And there was no draft, so no one died who didn't volunteer to risk their life. #

A picture named sam.gifOn top of that, through 2007, we had a housing boom. So not only did we pay lower taxes, and our kids didn't have to die, we also gorged on huge windfalls as our homes fed massive consumerism.  #

All that, except the draft, is gone. And many of us have bills to pay for all the crap we bought. #

So we have to ask, again, why? #

I'm not assuming there is no answer, but I am assuming I have the right to ask it, and as a voter, should expect some kind of answer that's not insulting.  #

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