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Clues re Verizon website?
By Dave Winer on Friday, August 19, 2011 at 3:02 PM.

Exec summary: I have a mifi device from Verizon that I don't need anymore. Can't figure out how to cancel service via the Verizon customer website. #

Details follow... #

I do a fair amount of business with Verizon. I have a Droid phone, FIOS internet service, and I use Verizon for my cable TV service. I also have a Verizon mifi device.  #

A picture named mifi.jpgI want to clean up my services, because I've got some stuff that's out of date, and some that I don't use. Of course they make it really easy on their website to add more services, and they hide the commands that turn services you don't want off. But I'm determined. #

Anyway, here's what I want to do: Get rid of the mifi device. I almost never use it. And I can get tethering for less than the cost of the mifi device. And it's one less thing to carry and keep charged. #

Anyway, the point of this blog post is to ask for help if anyone knows how to use the Verizon website. And I've also sent a pointer to this post to the Verizon account on Twitter, rather than try to explain what I want to do 140 characters at a time. #

Update: I decided to call them. #

1. Used the number on the phone bill. After five minutes wading through their system, I was told this was for residential accounts and I needed to speak with someone in wireless. They transferred me. Another voicemail tree, after which they put me on a dead line. Which then hung up on me. Total time: seven minutes. #

2. Calling again. Dialed 0 for operator. Got to Verizon, but they said I had to check the number and try again. I don't know what number to call.  #

3. Try searching for verizon wireless phone number. Contact page on their wireless site has several phone numbers.  #

4. I couldn't really understand what the rep said, but it took only 16 minutes total to cancel the mifi service. On the other hand it should have been possible to do it via the website. Those were 16 wasted minutes, if you don't count the time it took to write the blog post.  #

Now that I know how to do this, I might just cancel the wireless phone service too and just stick with AT&T. Thinking about it. #

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