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Google Maps is fighting me!
By Dave Winer on Saturday, August 20, 2011 at 1:23 PM.

I want to use Google Maps to show the exact route from Brooklyn Bridge to Fifth and 72nd that the city opens up for the Summer Streets event.  #

The map they do for the event is a GIF. Not too precise.  #

But they won't let me drag the route to places it should go, because on normal days you can't ride bikes there. Like the upper-level road that goes around the Grand Central Terminal building. That's strictly an auto thing, says Google. Not today it isn't! Oy. #

For some reason I think I should be able to do this easily. It's reallly well-organized in my head. #

Brooklyn Bridge to Center St to Lafayette to 4th Ave to Park Ave S around Grand Central, onto Park Ave (a really nice long downhill). Left on 72nd. Finish at 72nd and Fifth. Boom. That's it. #

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