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Thanks Steve!
By Dave Winer on Thursday, August 25, 2011 at 1:30 PM.

Just wanted to say thanks for all the bootstraps and breakthroughs. #

All the cowpaths paved. And false starts. And living-in-the-future type moments. #

I remember seeing my first Apple II and thinking that's going in the right direction and then the Mac was all the way there (well almost). The Laserwriter and built-in networking. The Mac came pretty close to being the Internet in the 80s before everything went haywire.  #

He is more than a visionary, which is rare enough.  #

Just the other day I was writing about Steve Jobs, without actually naming him. Here's the part. #

"One of the really amazing things about New York City is the extent to which the city anticipated its own growth. It built elevated rail systems to neighborhoods that didn't exist. A grid that went into the Bronx when the city barely made it to 14th St. A huge city park in the middle of nowhere. Tech guys have to think like that. So few do. Seriously.  #

"People who do this think this way should win awards. It goes beyond design. It isn't a matter of how rich you are. It's how boldly you think, and then execute to that vision. And also how flexible you are, when you learn things about your framework that you didn't envision (so it goes beyond vision as well). And you not only let other people play, but build that in from the start." #

There's a lot of that kind of thinking behind the Apple of today. A lot to the story that's yet to unfold.  #

As Woz says, they'll be talking about the way Steve Jobs thinks about computers for 100 years, maybe more.  #

One thing's for sure, our lives would have been a lot less interesting without him. #

Thanks! :-) #

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