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Cellphone progress!
By Dave Winer on Thursday, September 08, 2011 at 9:36 AM.

A bunch of good stuff happening in the phone department. #

1. AT&T, as promised, disconnected the service on my iPhone. #

2. Surprisingly (because I hadn't thought about it) the damned thing still works, over wifi. I get text messages, and Twitter updates, etc.  #

A picture named cowgirl.jpg3. Someone sent me a pointer to the T-Mobile website. Just for fun I tried entering the number I had for the phone when I first got it back in April. It asked me how much money I wanted to add to the account. I said $50. It said OK. And a couple of seconds later, the phone made a nice little sound and a text message arrived saying it was working again. Oh. Had I known it was that easy... #

4. Next stop, and this one is going to take some guts, is to disconnect the Droid, but first have the number transferred to Google Voice, so I can keep getting calls on the number.  #

At that point I will be entirely month-to-month. And that's how I'd like to stay, forever. Hopefully when the iPhone 5 comes out I will be able to buy one without signing up for a 2-year plan. #

And at some point, I expect to stop signing up for voice. I just want data anyway. #

5. Can I still use Cyclemeter on my iPhone without an AT&T connection? I guess we'll find out. But it's raining in NY, so not today. #

Updates: 1. The weather cleared and I went for a ride. 2. Cyclemeter does not work without a cell connection. I came back with 0 miles, and no route on the map. Going to have to find a Plan B. Wondering why it doesn't work. #

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