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Krugman on being an insider
By Dave Winer on Friday, September 09, 2011 at 9:22 AM.

Krugman was given access to the text of the President's speech under embargo. He was at a conference where reporters were sure they knew what the President was going to announce. They were wrong, and Krugman knew it. He felt the satisfaction that comes from being an insider. #

I know the feeling. I have been an insider myself. #

But then he observes that there is no advantage to being an insider. The same insights are available to everyone, no matter who they are, as soon as the news is made public. #

The same thing is true, of course, in tech. I need to know if the product works, not which competitors the product manager dreams of killing. That's why the rare review that actually incorporates a few weeks worth of use of a product is so much more valuable than a scoop. #

Fact is most scoops are just sneak looks at press releases not products. I'm more interested in long, detailed, arms-length looks at products. #

PS: Perfect example of an insider, dropping names, talking nonsense. #

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