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Tough love for Republicans
By Dave Winer on Monday, September 19, 2011 at 4:04 PM.

The Republicans are so good at coming up with dishonest talking points and sticking with them.  #

A picture named bart.gifAnd when they're wrong, and they know it, they just resort to talking nonsense. Saw Lindsey Graham, a favorite of the Sunday morning shows. He was talking pure gibberish. That's how ridiculous it's gotten. The interviewer, on a sane planet, would roll her eyes and say "Mr Graham, I have no idea what you just said and I'm sure no one else did." And then bring in an English teacher, Mrs. McGillicuddy, to critique his use of the English language. He would claim it's unfair, and she has a liberal bias, or whatever. But anyone who can speak even rudimentary English would know she's right. And if he's not actually an illiterate idiot, he would know too.  #

So the Republicans are claiming that raising the taxes on the super-rich is class warfare. Oy. I suppose it was class warfare when they (the Repubs) lowered their taxes? And instead of paying for the (real, not imaginary) wars they started, borrowed money? And funneled the profits back to the defense contractors and oil companies they own? #

But of course it isn't class warfare. It might be more accurately called "tough love." Dear super-rich. STFU and pay your share.  #

And start using your brains. There are going to be food riots in this country soon. And they're going to be coming to your neighborhood with the protests. That's one of the best reasons for starting to pay more now. You don't like it? Move to China, or an oil rig off the coast of California. We all pay taxes. It might be nice if you didn't have to, but it also might be nice to live forever. Neither is going to happen.  #

That's why the Republicans need some love. They need to be talked to like the spoiled children that they are. They've become accustomed to getting their way. No more of that. #

And to the President, who seems to be getting the clue. We need a champion, someone to represent the people. The Republicans only have lies. All you have to do is point out exactly how they're doing it. And while you're at it, learn a few jokes. It couldn't hurt to laugh a little. At how sad the United States is, that this is what governance has come to. #

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