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New York Smiles ;-)
By Dave Winer on Tuesday, September 27, 2011 at 10:34 AM.

A picture named monaLisa.jpgSnarling is a way of life in NYC. Really. It's not an urban myth. A lot of people snarl. #

Now I'm aware it has something to do with who you are, what kind of package you come in. #

I once had a very beautiful girlfriend. Gorgeous and statuesque. Poised. Lovely. And cute too. She had it all. When we'd go to parties, I liked to hang back and watch the guys swarm around her. All smiles, offering to do things for her, get her things. When she went out in the world, it looked like a smiling, happy, pleasing place. We had discussions about this. I swear she didn't believe me when I said it wasn't like this for everyone. :-) #

And some days in NYC when I have good hair, I get looks that are almost smiles, but not quite.  #

That's why the times when people are nice are so special. I went for a couple of slices of pizza at a store on University Place yesterday, and the cashier was all smiles. Of course I beamed back, thanked her, and we had a little conversation. Nothing important. But I remembered the smile. It more or less made my day.  #

I try as best I can to offer a smile, most of the time. After all, if you're getting snarled at all day, who can blame the other person for being in a foul mood. You have a chance to make someone's day every time you go out. And don't just reserve it for people who are attractive to you. Make an effort to expand your horizons and everyone else's. Sure, the smile could be misunderstood, but then -- what are you actually risking? (And if it's too risky -- stay safe!) #

This isn't one of those heavy pieces with an unobvious suprise ending. The ending is this. When someone gives you a happy look, appreciate it, and try, when you can, to return the favor.  #

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