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Herman Cain
By Dave Winer on Tuesday, October 11, 2011 at 2:01 PM.

If the press would do their job we would never have to waste a moment on a sham like Herman Cain.  #

In the last debate they could have killed his candidacy when he said that if ObamaCare had existed when he had cancer he would be dead now. They asked for an explanation. He said he would have had to wait to get treatment and while he was waiting his disease would have killed him.  #

A picture named godfather.gifIt's not true on many levels. ObamaCare is just the current private insurance system we have now, with rules that make it impossible for an insurance company to turn down coverage because of a pre-existing condition. And it requires everyone to have insurance, which broadens the pool to include more healthy people, thus making health care available to everyone. That's it. It doesn't say anything about waiting times for treatments. There are reasons to believe that care will become quicker. And poor people today don't get any treatment for these diseases. Under ObamaCare at least they have a chance.  #

That's all under the assumption that Cain is poor. Of course he's not poor, and if he got sick under any circumstance, he can buy all the health care he wants, whenever he wants it. So the idea that he would have died because of ObamaCare is the worst kind of pandering. To the fears of people who have legitimate fears about getting sick and dying because of bureaucratic or financial reasons. If they believe Cain, and apparently some do, that belief will put them in more jeopardy not less. #

So there you have it, the press is complicit. They had him in their crosshairs, and they let him go.  #

He keeps doing this, btw -- and now that he's a front-runner they've lost all excuses for pressing him on the implications of what he says. Tonight is another debate. Let's see if they do it now.  #

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