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Do dead guys always get the last word?
By Dave Winer on Saturday, October 22, 2011 at 8:36 PM.

1. Steve Jobs is dead. #

2. For a dead guy he sure is saying a lot. #

3. A lot of it is trash talk! :-) #

In an earlier piece I mentioned iTunes, which started me ranting about it. As a user, it's one of the least intutive pieces of software I've ever used. You pay dearly for every bit of knowledge you gain. And then they go and change the UI, and you have to find it all over again. To make it even worse, and hide the functionality behind bugs so you can never figure out what to do when you have two minutes before you have to leave and the thing you need isn't on your iPad. #

Whew.  #

So Steve is out there trash talking everyone else, Google, Microsoft, Obama, come to mind, even though the guy just died two weeks ago.  #

Does that mean the respect-the-dead period is over? #

If only Steve was a blogger who spoke his mind when he was alive, we could have fixed some shit! Oh well. #

Here's what I would say to him: Steve, iTunes is some shitty software. How about getting with it and straighten some of its shit out. #

Oh yeah and thanks for listening. :-) #

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