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A deficit of chutzpah
By Dave Winer on Tuesday, October 25, 2011 at 4:54 PM.

A picture named steve.gifWhen Jerry Garcia died, sixteen years ago, I wrote that when a big tree falls it creates a lot of room for new growth. #

So when Steve Jobs died, it created an even larger space, because his existence was much closer in space to my own. #

Maybe that's why I now feel entitled to be more bold and daring. Perhaps because there's a deficit of chutzpah in the nearby universe. Reality has become too real. We must fix that! :-) #

Chutzpah is a closer approximation to ego in capturing what makes a product driver good or bad. You have to be daring, tempt the gods. You need a certain amount of hubris to think that you can bring something big and new into the world. #

Why not. #

It's not as if any of us get out of this alive.  #

A picture of a slice of cheese cake. #

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