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Getting Craig Cline back online
By Dave Winer on Friday, October 28, 2011 at 6:37 PM.

In 2006 a good friend Craig Cline died of ALS. He was very young and it was a terribly sad event.  #

I volunteered to set up a memorial site for Craig, but at some point I moved servers and the site got disconnected from the name. I think this has happened to a lot of my sites. I'm going to go through them carefully and try to future-safe them best I can. #

For example, my father's mbatoolbox site is a Manila site. But in my search for the Craig Cline source text, I stumbled across the OPML for his site. That will fit in much better with what I have going. And my dad loved outliners. So it's more appropriate, I think, to guide his content down through the years in a static OPML boat than in a Manila site.  #

Anyway, back to Craig's site.  #

I tried searching for it in Google, and was very depressed to see what came back. Oy. It pointed into some random site which is running on the server that Craig's site used to be hosted on. Not good. #

A picture named cabinet.jpgI realized that a fancy domain name makes sense in the first year or so after someone passes. Then it pays to get the archive into some much larger bundle of static content that makes it more likely to survive over the years. And do a permanent redirect to the longer address, so the search engines pick it up, and get back in synch with the correct content. That way when someone looks up Craig, they aren't told about some random engineering product that just happens to be hosted at the same IP address that my server used to run on. Whew! #

Long-term the domain for the site, craigclinefriends.com, is not going to exist (or it might point to a porn site, be careful). I turned off auto-renew for it on GoDaddy. It'll stick around until 2013 (they had it auto-renewing for two years at a time, and it just renewed in Sept). I figure by then all search engines will have caught on to the permanent redirect.  #

I'm also trying to reconstruct conventionbloggers.com, which was a river-of-news aggregator for both the Democratic and Republican conventions of 2004. It was probably the only aggregator running for those conventions. Definitely of some historic value. I'm going to do the same thing as I did with Craig's site. When I find it. :-) #

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