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O'Keefe stings Rosen, Shirky
By Dave Winer on Friday, October 28, 2011 at 3:25 AM.

A video was posted on YouTube this evening. #


Apparently someone posing as a potential student asked to sit in on a Studio 20 class, and Jay said yes. He secretly recorded part of the guest lecture by Clay Shirky who is on the NYU faculty.  #

I am a visiting scholar there through the end of this semester. #

My thoughts: It's okay to go undercover and publish the result if you actually caught someone doing something inappropriate. Based on what I know about journalism classes, and what Clay does (there's only one quote from Jay in the 10-minute video) he did what guest lecturers do, give their opinions on the topics of the day. This kind of stuff goes on in J-schools everywhere, every day, with people of all political persuasions.  #

O'Keefe implies that Shirky is somehow responsible for what the NY Times publishes. I don't believe that's true, and it's certainly not substantiated by the video, or even directly said. That's fairly disrespectful of the viewer. Either you're making a claim or you aren't. "This is the guy who decides what goes into the NY Times," appears to be what he wants us to think of Shirky. If so, that is clearly not true (which is probably why he doesn't say it). #

Who is O'Keefe and what does he do? Why doesn't he appear on camera? What about the person who recorded the video, why don't we see or hear from him or her? We don't even know this person's name or gender. How can we form an opinion of their veracity if we don't even know who they are? #

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