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Safing-up a Manila site
By Dave Winer on Sunday, October 30, 2011 at 1:12 AM.

Manila is an early blogging tool created in the late 90s by a company I started, UserLand Software. I'm hosting a bunch of Manila sites, but to future-safe them, they should be converted to static sites that can be moved to S3. As part of safing-up conventionbloggers.com, there's a Manila site, blog.conventionbloggers.com. I'm glad to have the opportunity to work on this now, because it will help me do the other sites I'm hosting that should be converted to static sites.  #

On 2/10/10 I wrote a postfilter for Frontier that saves each rendered page to disk. #

It's stored in www/staticManila on monster3. This is not currently accessible over the web. #

The theory is that over time all the pages that are ever going to be accessed will be accessed, and we'll have a copy of the rendered page as a static file, in the proper place in a static hierarchy that we will be able to move it from Manila to S3. #

I now have a blog that needs moving, blog.conventionbloggers.com. And there is a folder there for it. Let's check it out. #

It looks pretty good. There are some addresses in the files that need patching. And there are some mysterious domains that work but you wouldn't think they would. #

For example, monster2.scripting.com is a long-gone server. But when I retired it I must have made sure that its static files were hosted somewhere, because the links still work. An example#

It's served by Frontier on monster3 from the www folder in guest databases.  #

Resolution: the static files in that folder are copied to safe.scripting.com/monster2 and monster2.scripting.com is redirected there.  #

Update: monster2.scripting.com has been redirected.  #

Also kudos to Bryan Bell, who designed the template on this site. He links to some graphics on redjupiter.com, which must be one of his servers, and it's still up and the links still work. An example. I'm going to patch these so the site will work even if these should go away at some time. #

I actually spoke too soon re static.redjupiter.com -- this morning I am unable to get to the site. Not sure I was able to earlier, I was just observing that there were links to these graphics and that the site looked good. But I still totally appreciate the help I got from Bryan, who was not only a great designer, but was also a joy to work with.  #

List of host names that have been re-mapped: #

http://blog.conventionbloggers.com/ #

http://conventionbloggers.com/ #

http://cred.conventionbloggers.com/ #

http://dem.conventionbloggers.com/ #

http://images.conventionbloggers.com/ #

http://rnc.conventionbloggers.com/ #

http://webcred.conventionbloggers.com/ #

http://www.conventionbloggers.com/ #

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