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Connect RSS and OPML in new way
By Dave Winer on Tuesday, November 01, 2011 at 2:04 PM.

A picture named tryHarder.jpgHere's a strange idea. Stories can have source code, just like apps can. #

I edit my articles in an outliner. I can use the structure to control how it's rendered. But once you're reading the story you don't care about the structure so much, you just want to read it. #

However, if I ever want to edit the story, I want the structure I was working with last time I edited it. #

I wanted this feature so much that I had to write my own blogging software. The existing blogging software simply didn't thave this concept. #

Anyway, I hope to entice lots of content distributors to read my linkblog feed. And when they do, I want to give them the option of not just pointing to my writing, but to actually render it in situ.  #

This "in situ" thing is going to be big. The next thing after curating and link blogging. Think of it as insitublogging (doesn't actually roll off the tongue does it). #

Here's how it works. There's a new element with every item, in the microblogging namespace, that links to the OPML source of the story it's pointing to in the link element. It's called <microblog:linkSource>. Screen shot#

If you're reading my feed and see it there, and want to show the full text with structure, go right ahead! That's what it's there for. :-) #

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