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Mike I thought I knew yuz
By Dave Winer on Tuesday, November 01, 2011 at 6:24 PM.

A picture named mets.jpgOn Twitter, I posted a link to a story about NY Mayor Mike Bloomberg. He says that the banks weren't responsible for the mortgage meltdown. It was the government's fault. As if there were some line separating government from the banks. Come on Mike. New Yorkers aren't stoopid. And you gotta know we don't like it when you lie. Makes us think you're a puss. #

I always used to say that NY got a good mayor. He's doing good things for the city. It was true. Finally we had an adult in there, someone who is smart, and because he's super-rich, didn't have to sell out to win his office. He could stay grounded in the truth. Sure, he made mistakes. Everyone does. But for the most he was doing a good job of running a very complicated place.  #

But now this OWS thing has really sent him for a loop. He's lying. I gotta believe that's what it is. Because I just can't accept that he is so stupid that he actually believes the Republican bullshit he's saying. #

I wish he read this blog so I could say to him direct -- Mike -- you're fucking it up. If you don't like what they're doing, say it. And explain why. And tell the truth. New Yorkers won't despise you for disagreeing with them. But they will tar and feather you and run you out of town for lying the way you're going about it.  #

A former fan who would like to be a fan once again, #

Dave #

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