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TV shows and web imagery
By Dave Winer on Saturday, November 05, 2011 at 1:04 PM.

A picture named twinkies.gifWhy, when you're looking for an image of a movie or TV show, or a politician for that matter, should it be so hit or miss. #

Back in the day we used to prepare publicity kits for the press. Included reviews of the product, fact sheets, screen shots, pictures of the authors. When you have a product and want publicity, you work hard to make it easy for people to write about you, and for what they write to be eye-catching, and tell the story you want told. #

But now it's 2011, and blogging is fully incorporated in the marketing strategies of all entertainment products. But there's a big missing element. The imagery. When I do a Google image search on your movie or TV show name, I should get great white-background art in the first few screens, put there by you!  #

If I want to drop a 145-pixel wide image of your product in the right margin of an essay, you should make that easy, and it should make you look good. Free advertising. Win-win. #

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