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Still riding on November 7!
By Dave Winer on Monday, November 07, 2011 at 2:15 PM.

It's a glorious day for a ride.  #

A picture named daffy.gifBright sunshine and warm. Over 60. No wind to speak of. #

Embarking from my Hell's Kitchen apartment, I headed up Central Park West to 77th St and across to Riverside Park. Up a few blocks, under the Henry Hudson Parkway over to the river and up to 130th St. Turnaround. Cut back east on 95th St, and south through Central Park and the teardown of the finish line of the marathon. A lot of maneuvering for not much advantage. I think the next ride will be a couple of laps around the park. #

But like I said, what a day! #

Map: 9.5 mi, 1 hour 8 minutes. #

PS: I made a mistake and Cyclemeter thought I was walking not riding, though you'd imagine it could tell the diff somehow. I ride pretty slow. Do some people walk that fast? Probably! :-) #

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