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Mike's "Rick Perry" Moment?
By Dave Winer on Thursday, November 10, 2011 at 6:06 PM.

A picture named beetlejuice.jpgYou know how they talk about "senior moments" when you look for something in your memory and it just won't come back. I have them all the time. And you get them more often, it seems, as you get older. #

That's kind of like what happened last night on the Republican debate to Rick Perry. Everyone says it'll go down in history as a historic gaffe of massive proportion, along with Jerry Ford, Dan Quayle and the guy who was running with Ross Perot who couldn't remember his own name (so why should we). #

This came up for me a few moments ago, when I was trying to summarize what had happened to Mike Arrington when he was interviewed for a CNN special that's airing on Sunday. Mike couldn't name a single black entrepreneur.  #

It turns out Mike does know more than one black entrepreneur, and had even invested in one with his new VC fund. So unlike Perry who not only will not be President, but if he were would not shut down the Departments of Energy, Commerce and Education, Mike just had a memory malfunction. Nothing more than that. Is that news? (But Mike himself has been guilty of stretching the truth to build interest in his content, so in fairness, he doesn't really get to complain about this. Not that that has stopped him from complaining. Heh.) #

Surprising that CNN is making such a big deal about it. #

Update: You know it's bad when your name has become a punchline.  #

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