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An idea for Current TV
By Dave Winer on Friday, November 11, 2011 at 6:38 PM.

I love that Current TV made the bet on Keith Olbermann.  #

A picture named whodat.gifAnd I appreciate the conundrum they face. It's a bootstrap. People won't be talking about him the way they used to as long as most people aren't watching. And it's hard to watch him, for the simple (and silly) reason that people don't know what channel he's on. At least that's what I think is going on. #

I've been thinking about this chicken and egg thing. On the one hand, they want people to watch Olbermann. That would imply making Countdown available via the website, in addition to cable. On the other hand, they have a big advantage over other websites, distribution on cable networks. That's still important. However, their viewership is tiny compared to their competitors, in either medium. And they have a huge star whose talents are largely going to waste. #

Key thing: There are lots of people who would watch Olbermann every night if it were easier. And tweet about what he said. And what his guest said.  #

So here's what I suggest. #

If you follow KO on Twitter, you can view the show on the web.  #

I might add another qualification. That a code is broadcast on Twitter every evening from the KO account. So it's not enough to have a Twitter account. You have to be connected to it in some way if you want to watch the show.  #

Now you've got a network that can grow. And you can use the cable distribution for high-def, or whatever. If you think about it, why should you care how people get to you. As long as they get to you. #

I'd roll the dice.  #

And of course if more people were watching you'd get more interesting guests. :-) #

PS: Broadcast the code on an RSS feed as well. Thanks!  #

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