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By Dave Winer on Tuesday, November 15, 2011 at 1:39 PM.

A picture named tree.jpgCall me Johnny Bloggerseed because, when I see a story with a Natural-Born Blogger in the middle of it, I am unrelenting. I don't take no for an answer. Just ask Doc Searls, an NBB if there ever was one. And ask Josh Whalen, one of the OWS occupants, and a longtime member of our community here on Scripting News. #

Josh has a blog post ready for almost anything having to do with NYC, bike riding, the East Village, and the unfortunate state of our system. He's a smart guy. I wish he would blog. Not as a spokesperson for OWS, rather as a person inside it, so those of us who are outside would have a story to relate to.  #

Humans are the story species. We need one to grasp onto something in order to even think about it. I was a math major in college, and that's thinking without a story. Hard to do. But I loved computers because there is a story about every bit of code, and the apps they form.  #

Anyway, I'm rambling. As is my right. :-) #

I read somewhere that OWS should declare victory and become whatever it was meant to be next. I've felt the same way for a while, but wanted to be very careful about saying anything. Not my place really. But now I think it's time to start considering how the story plays out from here. #

Occupying is a state of mind. We have learned a lot about that in the last two months. We need to occupy our lives, most important of all. Think about what we're doing with them, both individually and collectively. Really occupy our space.  #

That means insisting on something better than the lesser of two evils. #

Not accepting that the entertainment business owns our intellectual and creative lives. #

Seeing the creativity and value of the expression of everyone who wants to be part. All NBB's welcome. #

If the OWS people feel any disappointment now, we know what it feels like, all of us. But it pushed us in the right way, and gave us a new beginning. Now let's think about what we want to do with that new beginning. #

Just some thoughts. For now! :-) #

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