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Readability's new API
By Dave Winer on Wednesday, November 16, 2011 at 10:19 AM.

A brief note of congratulations to Readability, for releasing what appears to be a comprehensive and useful API.  #

Reading is a big part of what we do on the web. It's good that they're investing in making it work better. And of course it's important that those features are available to other developers to build on. #

I plan to integrate their URL-shortener with my minimal blogging tool. #

I released a glue table for it just now. It has one entry-point, that shortens a URL. #

Here's an example of a short URL that was created with Readability. #

Again, congrats, and thanks! :-) #

Update: There's a problem. About half the time I get sent to a page that's definitely not readable. Example#

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