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Are you part of this community?
By Dave Winer on Saturday, November 26, 2011 at 11:50 AM.

If so, do you have a feed? #

If so, I'd like to know the URL of that feed. #

For now, please send it to me via email or if you don't mind being public, paste it into a comment in response to this post,. #

scriptingnews1mail at gmail dot com #

I'm also going to add some feeds to the list. Some of my own, and some of people and orgs who I feel close to, or aligned with, or very familiar with. #

For example, I've added my worknotes feed, and the feed of new code I release. #

I've also added Stallman, Joe Hewitt and NakedJen, as examples of how far-ranging they are, and eclectic. When people say I should stick to tech, I do. I just have an expansive sense of what tech is.  #

BTW, as one might expect, and few people seem to know -- Stallman is a NBB. He points to very stimulating and interesting stuff.  #

NBB == Natural Born Blogger. #

This all will, of course, become this community's river (and an OPML list). #

http://river.scripting.com/ #

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