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What will become of the Euro?
By Dave Winer on Sunday, November 27, 2011 at 12:07 AM.

If the Euro fails as there seems to be a consensus that it will, what does this mean for people who have their savings in Euros? #

And what do the countries that gave up their old currencies for the Euro do? Will France re-create the Franc, and Italy the Lira. Etc. #

Perhaps there will be some kind of exchange, where you can turn in Euros for the new currency. If that happens, won't the other currency just inherit all the problems with the Euro? #

A picture named euro.jpgIsn't this the same problem we're having in the US (and elsewhere of course) with the real estate. Only it seems worse. Because presumably the real estate still has some value. Does this mean the Euro has no value?  #

If that's what's going to happen, it can't just be happening in Europe. It's got to happen here too. Has there already been a rush to the dollar from the Euro? If that hasn't happened, will that happen on Monday? When that happens -- what does that mean? #

I'd like them to solve this problem so we can all go on living our lives. But the "them" is the problem. And will they solve it for us or just for their friends? (Pretty sure I know the answer to that question.) #

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