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Arrgh Facebook is lying about me
By Dave Winer on Monday, November 28, 2011 at 11:25 AM.

From Ben Hyde via email. #

He searched for my name on Facebook, and they said that I only share some of my information publicly.  #

He sent a screen shot#

See, that's a lie. I deleted my account. I don't share any of my information on Facebook. Oh I get it. They're not actually lying, technically. It's true. I do only share some of my information publicly.  #

However their next statement is a fraudulent. "If you know Dave, add him as a friend or send him a message."  #

They don't have the ability to add me as a friend or send me a message.  #

He says he tried to friend me, and they didn't say they couldn't do it. #

I was prepared to give them kudos for living up to their promise. #

BTW, I don't really care if they have a page about me there from Wikipedia, as long as it's labeled as such. It's when they make representations that you can contact me through their service, that's really damaging. Because people will think they can reach me that way, and that I'm not responding when they try. Just think of the problems that can cause. #

It's kind of like a phone company that won't forward your number when you drop them as a service.  #

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