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Icons in Bootstrap Toolkit menubar
By Dave Winer on Wednesday, December 14, 2011 at 12:34 PM.

Last night I wrote a post asking for advice on getting a graphic icon to display in the Bootstrap Toolkit menubar. #

I got some great advice from Brian Sassaman and Nik Cubrilovic, and it solved the problem, and now I have the feature working. (Modulo problems yet to be discovered.) #

Recall that the goal was to have an icon in the menubar that when clicked would make the menu visible or invisible. #

You can see it in use on my Worknotes site.  #

Perhaps this is a feature others want to impmement? Just View Source. #

Also, I'm not the best icon guy or CSS guy, so if you come up with something you think is better, please let me know. #

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