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WordPress and Twitter connecting up
By Dave Winer on Thursday, December 15, 2011 at 9:53 PM.

A picture named humvee.jpgIn a comment posted here earlier today, Matt Mullenweg says that they're working with Twitter on a way for WordPress blog posts to appear inside Twitter. #

"Posts on WordPress that use the wp.me shortener are now being embedded on Twitter, we'll show a photo if it's a photo post, or an excerpt if it's a longer blog post, still experimenting on the best formats." #

This really should be a protocol that anyone can hook into, on either side. #

If that's the way it's going, I'd like to get a look at it before it's frozen, to help make sure we're not repeating mistakes of the past. It would be a good idea to let other people at least look at what you're doing. #

Matt, your product has benefited from lots of open development. Here's a chance to put something back. #

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