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RT in a static river
By Dave Winer on Monday, December 19, 2011 at 12:11 PM.

I've always wanted the ability to re-transmit an item from a static river to my linkblog. I knew at some point I would figure out how to do it. Here's how it works. #

If you see an item in my river that you want to post to your linkblog, click the RT link.  #

A picture named domainDialogSmall.gifThe first time you do it, a dialog pops up asking for the domain of your linkblog server. This is the domain that your Radio2 blog software is running on.  #

BTW, it's very easy to be compatible with this interface, so it doesn't have to be Radio2 that's at the other end, managing the user's linkblog. #

Here's a screen shot of the dialog. #

This is a really important dialog. It ties together the two sides of news, reading and writing.  #

Then the river redirects to this domain, and the elements of the item you RT'd appear in its dialog box. #

It remembers this domain in a cookie, so from then on, when you want to RT, it'll just take you to the blogging software. #

I have to add a command that makes the river forget the domain, so you can connect to a different linkblog.  #

The nice thing about this is that there is no server involved. All the code running is in JavaScript, running in the browser.  #

Also, if you want to use this technique in your static river, here's the URL to my template. You're free to use it as-is, or you can copy and modify it. #

This feature is almost exactly like the POST button in Radio UserLand in 2002. It appeared next to an item in the aggregator. When you clicked it, the elements of the item would populate its built-in dialog for a new post. The difference is that in 2011, the two pieces are de-coupled. The aggregator and the linkblogging software are two different things, and don't even have to be made by the same people, and can be running on different servers. #

A beautiful little bit of plumbing. Like putting a subway station in an airport. :-) #

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