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On the net, your feed is you
By Dave Winer on Tuesday, December 20, 2011 at 10:06 AM.

I read a piece on NextWeb that talked about a service called pen.io, that they say is "probably the most minimalist blog platform on the Web." #

I seriously doubt that. :-) #

To be fair to pen.io, I doubt they're positioning it as a blogging platform. It's for quickly setting up web pages. That's a whole different animal. #

Key point for minimal blogging: It's all about your feed.  #

My minimal blogging tool is called Radio2. Your feed is the center of the universe for Radio2. It's used to connect to Twitter, and we hope to many other tools. #

It's the key to bootstrapping a network of independent users who communicate not only through Twitter, but a new network of Twitter-like tools. #

Think of it this way: On the net, your feed is you.  #

The links you push through this tool will be rendered in many different contexts. That's why the way you render it is not important. The point of the tool is to connect your linkflow with all the places you might want your links to flow. That's the reality in 2011, and any blogging tool must take this into account. #

Today there are: feeds, rivers and renderers.  #

Every software seems to fit into one of these. Those that try to do it all are silos and are not interesting to me.  #

The Radio2 software can be downloaded and installed on your own server, on EC2 or Rackspace, for example, or anywhere you can run a Windows or Mac server. It's designed to be very simple to set up. I will even set up accounts for reviewers who want to get a look at it without setting up a server.  #

To get an idea of what it is and how it works, check out the user docs. There's not a lot of docs, because after all, it is designed to be minimal. :-) #

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