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Facebook drones in the sky?
By Dave Winer on Thursday, December 22, 2011 at 9:36 AM.

A picture named drone.jpgDrones in the news. Lots of stories out there about the coming legal drones in America's skies. The police and Customs are already using drones to spy on drug dealers. But drones are cheap enough that regular people will afford them. Instead of putting traffic helicopters in the air, use a drone. Cheaper, lighter, quieter. Safer? I guess you can afford to lose a drone. But if one lands on your head? House? #

What about the day when Google decides to upgrade their maps app to provide real-time views? That's scary because they have the money to put up a lot of drones. And we know they're interested in airplanes. They want the old blimp hangar at Moffett Field. Maybe that's where they'll put their drone factory. #

But the really scary idea is when Facebook, flush with cash from their IPO, deploys a fleet of drones to all our houses! #

Talk about Frictionless Sharing.  #

I don't know if it's happening in 2012, but the day will come when Larry/Sergey and Zuck are having Drone Wars over the skies of America. You think papparazi are bad? Just wait! :-) #

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