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The year is twenty-twelve
By Dave Winer on Wednesday, December 28, 2011 at 10:29 AM.

In the late 90s we wondered what the next decade would be called.  #

Here it is, the decade in question is now over, and we never answered the question. #

Isn't that funny! Maybe that's why it feels like a lost decade. Never got a name. #

Now I'm hearing people call the next year "twenty-twelve" even though this year was, as far as I'm concerned, "two thousand eleven."  #

Doc Searls asks if this is a trend, and I think it is. I think we'll look back and think "two thousand twelve" sounds funny.  #

Here's why. #

We just came out of a decade that forced us, for the sake of clarity, to name the years as follows: #

Two thousand one. #

Two thousand two. #

Etc. #

Why? Because the following would have been ambiguous: #

Twenty one. #

Twenty two. #

Etc. #

But starting in 2010, there was no more ambiguity. Why did it take people this long to adjust? #

I have no theory about that! #

A little diversion on our way into the next year, whatever it may be called. :-) #

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