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Moving a domain off wordpress.com
By Dave Winer on Thursday, December 29, 2011 at 9:12 PM.

I want to transfer frontiernews.org to hover.com.  #

Right now it's hosted on wordpress.com, using their domain management system. #

I've done this before so I know there's a way to transfer a domain off wordpress.com.  #

I'm following the instructions on their howto page and not finding the links they describe. #

I go to Store/Domains and don't see a link to Manage Your Domains.  #

The domain actually expired yesterday, but I went ahead and renewed it for another year.  #

However that did not get the links to show up. Still wondering how to move my domains off. #

Update: Problem solved. I had already transferred the domain to hover.com. The error warnings I was getting from wordpress.com were ignore-able. However it can be hard to ignore messages that say you're about to lose a domain you care about.  #

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