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Blogger of the Year
By Dave Winer on Saturday, December 31, 2011 at 12:12 PM.

Every year, when I have it together, I name someone blogger of the year. #

It's always a person, never an organization -- because that's essential imho to being a blogger. To think of a tech pub like the NY Times or TechCrunch as a blogger is to miss the point. And anyone who is edited, in any way, is not a blogger. Because once you accept editing, you've allowed another mind into the writing. You're no longer finding out what someone thinks. It's not quite as clear. #

That said, of course it's possible to blog under the masthead of an editorial organization. #

Great examples are Paul Krugman and Felix Salmon. #

Not to say one is better than the other. Just different. #

Now, for past bloggers -- they continue to impress, in different ways of course because they're individuals. That's what made them such excellent bloggers in the first place! :-) #

They are: Joel Spolsky, Jay Rosen, NakedJen, Julian Assange#

This year's BOTY is... #

In a minute. :-) #

First, let me say who I thought of, and why I think he may well be my choice for BOTY next year. #

Richard Stallman#

It came as a surprise to me that Stallman is a blogger. Somehow I tripped across his feed. Added it to my river, and since then have been very impressed. Stallman is, in every way, what I think of as a Natural Born Blogger. His impulse is to share. And he has an opinion. And he states it, concisely and with irony and humor. It's really good stuff. #

And the thing I like about it most is that it is so concise.  #

Twitter has made this a value we appreciate, and that's something to thank Twitter for. With conciseness as an established practice, we're heading into a new kind of blogging. What I call a linkblog.  #

That's why I think Stallman might be a great choice next year, if things turn out as I think they will. I think enough of us will be linkblogging outside the silos to make it interesting. If this happens it will make new kinds of aggregators possible. New news flows. Because freedom has been bottled up in the silos for too long. Too much have we waited for them to innovate in ways that don't cause more money to flow to them. Over time the low-hanging fruit becomes riper and riper. Eventually a strong wind willl come and blow it all to the ground. That's what I look forward to. It didn't happen in 2011, so the linkblog isn't the trend, yet. Maybe it will happen in 2012. #

But in 2011, the most value for me was with bloggers who continue to make a strong personal investment in the web outside the silos.  #

So I was looking for someone who had something to say, and who beat the drum regularly. Someone who said things in clear language that was accessible to large numbers of people. And who said things we really need to hear. Things to think about, to consider, to be reminded of.  #

Someone who leads and inspires.  #

I think you're going to be surprised at my choice.  #

Seth Godin#

His blogging meets all these criteria and more. I never know what's coming from his corner of the world, but I know when I read it I'm going to have something to think about. Whether I agree or not. All good bloggers do that, push you in a new direction. Change the world by changing minds.  #

Godin doesn't force his ideas on us. He presents them as part of a smorgasboard of thought that's available in any quantity you like. There's no programming involved. He draws you back to him by the quality of his provocation. He's really the best at what he does, and what he does is important. #

So bravo Seth Godin! #

Thank you for all the blogging, and please keep us well-supplied with lots of new ideas and ways of looking at things.  #

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