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Bootstrap Modal Demo
By Dave Winer on Wednesday, January 11, 2012 at 11:38 AM.

A picture named tryHarder.jpgThe Bootstrap Toolkit from Twitter made a huge difference in my development work. It gave me a set of examples and includes that implement a fairly standard best-practice 2012 style web user interface. I've incorporated the whole thing into my development platform, with excellent results. #

I've been meaning to dig into modal dialogs, and early this week I finally had a chance to do it. It was a fairly difficult process, because unlike all the static components of Bootstrap, this dynamic one didn't have an examples I could crib. Just some docs, which are fairly cryptic, like most of the Boostrap docs. Which usually is okay because you treat them as clues and use the source from the examples to give you working code to crib and adapt for your own purposes. #

So, after getting it working in my app yesterday, I took a few hours this morning to put together a demo of a Bootstrap modal dialog, to help give developers something to crib from in this very vital area. It's my way of putting back some knowhow, after having benefitted from other people's generosity. #

http://bootstrapmodaldemo.scripting.com/ #

As with all Bootstrap stuff, just do a View Source to see how it works. And feel free to use it as a starting point for your own projects. #

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