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SOPA's other message: decentralize
By Dave Winer on Tuesday, January 17, 2012 at 3:03 PM.

The US government speaks and people listen.  #

What we hear: Danger!  #

And our first reaction: Protest! #

Protest is good, esp if people hear you, and understand what you're saying, and repeat it accurately. However, given that most people still depend on corporate media for their news, and since they are the sponsors of SOPA, we'll probably find that one side of the story is told better than t'other. :-) #

But there are other reactions that make equal sense. #

1. Backup. A commenter points out that someone could post infringing content that would result in Flickr being taken down. And you might have all your non-infringing family pictures on Flickr. Should that day come, it probably makes sense to have a copy of all your Flickr pictures somewhere else, just in case. #

2. Decentralize. Maybe you shouldn't be on Flickr in the first place. Make the net less vulnerable by learning how to set up and run your own server. No this isn't for everyone. But surely some people could do it who aren't feeling the motivation. Maybe the threat of government attack and your love of the Internet might be enough to get you going? I figure that eventually it will. Better too soon than too late. :-) #

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