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Wordpress.com's new RSS aggregator
By Dave Winer on Thursday, January 19, 2012 at 11:32 PM.

I've known this was coming, Matt told me about their RSS aggregator when he told me they were supporting rssCloud. #

So theoretically, I should see this update over there immediately because I'm subscribed, and of course scripting.com supports rssCloud. #

I did not see the update immediately. Not sure where the problem is. I'll look into it some more tomorrow. #

A couple of problems off the bat. #

1. I tried subscribing to my linkblog feed, which is valid RSS, but got an error saying it couldn't find a valid feed. #

2. I don't see any way to import or export an OPML subscription list. Not saying they don't have it, I just didn't find it. #

And of course it's good news that Wordpress is embracing RSS fully, as a way to connect reading and writing. It's what I wish Twitter and Facebook had done from the beginning. They said it wasn't possible. It's good to see that Matt & Co didn't fall for that. :-) #

Also interesting to see that they subscribed me to some stuff before I had ever been there. They are blogs I'm interested in. How did they know? #

Update: Apparently you can only subscribe to a blog, not to a feed. I have quite a few feeds that don't have blogs. No reason to. Here are a couple of examples: NYT firehose, Hacker News firehose. Thee are two of my most-used feeds.  #

Update: I tricked it into subscribing to Hacker News by creating a pseudo-blog "wrapper" for it and asking Wordpress to subscribe to it. However, it did not like the wrapper for my linkblog. Weird and frustrating. #

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