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Macros in the worldoutline
By Dave Winer on Saturday, January 28, 2012 at 9:05 PM.

A picture named ball.gifOver the last few days the worldoutline got its basic macro facility. This is at least the seventh time I've implemented this, but it's the first time that CSS and JavaScript played a role in it. We've had support for CSS in the past, but this time we're depending on CSS as part of the runtime environment. Still feeling my way around and going slow, because the decisions made at this stage have to be lived-with for a long time to come.  #

I was also able to build off Andre Radke's excellent work for Manila macros that run code. So we start off with very powerful and safe macros that can call each other and even have logic and certain kinds of arithmetic. As usual for Andre's work it's done with precision and completeness and it's stood up over time. #

Here's a page with links to all the worknotes for this little project. #

And here's the leading edge, being able to include expandable outlines within any kind of object. The cool thing about macros, if they're designed with care, it's like swinging a huge ball at the end of a long chain, just by flicking your finger. I'll see if I can find an image that conveys the feeling. #

There's a macro that allows includes a Glyphicon from a page.  #

The cool thing about this project is that it was not hard work, it was not a stretch. Part of that is because this the seventh time I've done a macro system that renders in a web page. AutoWeb, Clay Basket, NewsPage Suite, WSF, Manila, Radio8 all came before. You think I'm in a loop? Obviously... Hopefully this is the last one. :-) #

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