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The 2012 Knicks are over
By Dave Winer on Thursday, May 10, 2012 at 8:54 AM.
I watched all the way to the bitter end. permalink
All I can say is thank god it's over.  permalink
They had their brilliant moments, but at the end they were a rag-tag crew of nincompoops.  permalink
The Miami Heat, who put the Knicks down, in contrast are a vector. They're pointed toward an outcome. They mean business. If there's any justice they will be in the finals this year, playing Oklahoma City in one for the ages. Whoever wins will have defeated a great team. permalink
The Knicks aren't a team. And they aren't that great as individuals. And in basketball only teams matter. It's not a sport for individuals. permalink
Now, I look forward to finding other causes to believe in! permalink
PS: The NYT tells the same story, with more detail and a great closing paragraph. I won't spoil it here. :-) permalink
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