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Which iPad is better?
By Dave Winer on Friday, May 11, 2012 at 7:37 AM.
Like all dutiful Apple customers I plunked down the money to get the latest and greatest iPad in March. The screen was nice, at first, but very quickly it became normal. The gee-whiz effect faded almost immediately.  permalink
I got the LTE version, and that feature is great, but I don't really use it a lot because I'm almost always close enough to wifi. But I'm sure I'll take a train trip where it will be nice to have blazing fast Internet access. And I like the fact that it can share its connection with other devices. I used that feature, when waiting at the DMV to get my New York State driver's license. permalink
A picture named ipad.gifI've been using the iPad a lot recently because I've been watching a lot of basketball. It's a great TV companion. But that has meant that I'm always running up against the battery issue. Because the new iPad has more pixels, presumably, it uses more power. Presumably that's why they gave it a bigger battery, and that takes longer to charge. The computer is heavier, and it runs hot. It's not hugely uncomfortable, but you do notice both things, the increased weight and heat. permalink
The other day, with the battery running down, I had an idea. I charged up my old iPad, so it would serve as a backup, next time the battery ran down on the new iPad. And the next day I got to use it, and here's the thing -- I like it better than the new one! It's lighter, the battery lasts longer, and when it runs down it charges much more quickly. Having gotten used to the new iPad, the old one feels like an upgrade! permalink
I thought that was worth a blog post. :-) permalink
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