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Chrome is better, day 2
By Dave Winer on Wednesday, May 16, 2012 at 11:23 AM.
I'm now four days into using Chrome as my primary browser, after switching from Firefox. permalink
Top-line review: My work is better. Not just in the browser, everywhere. Having a strong competent tool in web browsing brings confidence to all my writing and programming work. permalink
I started a thread about this yesterday. permalink
A picture named beamer.gifA story. When I got angel funding for my first company, the lead investor arranged for the company to get me a car. I had been driving a rented Dodge Omni, month to month, a real piece of shit. I didn't have credit, or money for a down payment. So every month I scraped together the rent for it. They got me a lease for a new gray BMW 318i. It was an even worse piece of shit. BMW's misguided attempt to go downmarket. I didn't understand that at the time, because I had never driven a BMW before. All I knew is that I missed the piece of shit Omni. permalink
My friend, Guy Kawasaki, who worked at Apple, had a white BMW 535 that I lusted after. So after we shipped our first product, a pretty big hit, I told the board I was dumping the 318 and got myself a 535. White. Just like Guy's. I loved that car. It was a total eye-opener. I didn't know cars could feel like that. You could feel the tires connect with the road through the steering wheel. It handled precisely. Did exactly what you wanted it to do. All my cars prior to that were blown around in the backflow created by trucks. This car cruised right through. permalink
In case you haven't already figured it out, the 318 is Firefox, and the 535 is Chrome.  permalink
Now I hope I don't have to write a piece a few weeks from now explaining how Chrome is announcing every site I visit on Google-Plus or emailing it to ex-girlfriends or future employers. :-( permalink
PS: I still to this day drive a BMW, though they're just another shit company treating its customers like scum. But their cars are lovely. permalink
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