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Riding round the Meer
By Dave Winer on Sunday, May 20, 2012 at 8:20 AM.
I had been taking a shortcut, eliminating the steepest part of the ride in Central Park, around the top of the park. I had ridden it before and always had found the hill a bit too much for my legs and my lungs.  permalink
This morning the conditions were ideal, I was feeling good, it was a very comfortable 60 degrees, no cars, not too much bike traffic and no pedestrians, so I went for it. Yes! It was very doable. I'm in good shape for this hill. Knock wood, IANAL, MMLM and all the usual disclaimers. permalink
Also, no matter how early you get out on a spring morning there's always something big going on in the park. Today it's the AIDS Walk. Hasn't started yet, but you can tell there will be a hundred thousand people walking where I was riding today. Things in NY scale like that. And Central Park is probably nothing like Olmstead imagined it, as a place for contemplation. It is, however, a place where the people of the city mingle. All classes, it seems. And people from all over the world. permalink
And since this may be the only blog post today, I'd like to add that Nic Cubrilovic probably summed up Zuck's fabulous weekend best, from a male point of view. "How can you beat IPO and married in the same weekend?" he said "Err, IPO and not married." My guess is that Zuck liked things pretty much as they were. But of course I'm projecting! :-) permalink
Today's map: 47 minutes, 8.30 miles, average 10.58 mph. permalink
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