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Corporate Everything
By Dave Winer on Wednesday, June 13, 2012 at 11:25 PM.
I went for my daily bike ride in Central Park today.  permalink
I haven't been blogging about the rides lately because they're always pretty much exactly the same. I start at the Columbus Circle entrance to the park and go all the way around the drive. Then I do one more partial loop, through the most famous part of the park, by the fountain, and then exit where I came out.  permalink
It's not uncommon on weekends to have my ride thwarted by a running or bike race, or a charity walk. Such affairs in NYC are almost always huge. So they schedule them early in the morning. That's when I go, on weekends, trying to avoid pedestrians and riders who can't stay in a lane. But the special races prevent me from finishing my ride, because they usually block off the road. I wonder then what the park is there for. But what can you do. permalink
A picture named olmsted.jpgThis evening, a weekday evening, the park had been taken over by JP Morgan for some huge corporate affair. All over the most beautiful parts of the park (and it is a really beautiful place) is signage saying JP Morgan red team, or orange team. Or vomit. I've come to reallly hate corporate ownership of everything. Esp a disgusting name like JP Morgan, receiver of taxpayer largesse, a huge bailout, and without the good grace to defer to their benefactors. Quite the opposite. They feel superior to us. Well fuck that shit. Really angry about seeing a city-owned park, not just any park but Central Park, taken over by such an obnoxious entity. I guess that's what you get when you have a mayor whose name is Bloomberg. permalink
One more note about corporate ownership. My report from this morning was a scoop, it turns out. Later in the day Twitter announced a new deal where tweets can be huge, no 140-character limit, with pictures and videos. Something I've been asking for, for years. But not for you and me. Just for their corporate partners.  permalink
Twitter: "Twitter Cards will only render for domains which have been whitelisted by Twitter." permalink
This is their contribution to the world wide web. permalink
Can we please, please -- just go back to the really good thing we had when we all built on the same level platform, called the web. It was a big deal that it wasn't owned by Silicon Valley. I never left the web, and this is where I'm going to be for the rest of my life. If they kill it, I'll just read books, physical ones. And spin pottery. In a seaside town in Croatia or Slovenia. Perhaps Bucharest. Far far away from Palo Alto. permalink
Here's the map for today's ride.  permalink
And here's the Wikipedia page for Frederick Law Olmsted, the Tim Berners-Lee of Central Park. permalink
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